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Industrial Design from Concept to Launch

Welcome to Jaeger.ID

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Who We Are

Jaeger.ID is an industrial design studio located in Germany. Since 2005 we are professional suppliers of product design solutions. We provide innovative ideas that make your products successful in the market. Since Industrial Design is one of the most important component of a successful product development, an investment into our service will guarantee very rewarding results.

We provide service through all stages of the product design process. From project analysis over idea generation to CAD surface design and building of design models, all relevant service is delivered.

What we do

We develop professionally designed products from concept to initiation of manufacturing. If you are looking for someone who:

  • gives a fresh appearance to your portfolio of products and creates innovative and creative design solutions
  • helps to expand the range of products of your company
  • assists you in the process of developing a new product
  • gives your visions a definite shape

…then you found the proficient partner for your product design!

Some Examples

Our Portfolio features some of the designs we created since 2005 for different customers.
If you are interested in a cooperation or just have a question we would be glad if you get in touch.

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