3D CAD Design and Surfacing

Modeling of 3D-NURBS Surfaces and Solids

3D-Models can be used for many different purposes. We create NURBS-models that can be used as basis for finite elements analysis, rapid prototyping, manufacturing as well as for rendering purposes.

Data sets created by me are signified through maximum accuracy and optimized mathematical description of surfaces. Only as much control points and curves as necessary are created to describe the geometry. Having an excess of control points would lead to a loss of surface qualitiy and unnecessary increase of data.

Surfaces and Solid models created by us can be utilized directly for production purposes.

Sometimes it’s necessary to convert parametric CAD files to polygonal data to make them usable for animation or rendering, during production of movies for instance. Optimized polygonal models, which feature just as much polygons as necessary, while providing optimum representation of shapes, are crucial for that purpose. The sensible adjustment of tessellation parameters requires an experienced software operator and sharp consideration of the intended usage of the model. Data conversion is carried out by me by hand and with maximum care. Thereby, We are able to deliver results that stand to the highest of expectations.

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