Product Design

Development And Styling Of Consumer And Capital Goods

Product Design does not only consist oft the creation of nice shapes. It’s a complex process that starts with lots of research and analyzation.
JAEGER | Industrial design offers the complete design range of consumer and capital goods. This applies to the entire process from research and analysis through the ideas to the production-ready design and launch. The redesign of an existing product is just as possible as a completely new development.

The continuous expansion and renewal of the product line is a key factor for the competitiveness of a company. The product design plays a crucial role. Use our expertise to help the success of your products through an aesthetically high quality appearance and a greater market success.

Products designed by us products feature a harmony of aesthetics and function, and the integration of sustainable design. The use of the latest production methods and innovative materials are investigated as well as the possibilities to develop a design that is ready for later updates and production cycles.
Get an impression of projects we worked on at this page and read in further detail which steps are taken during the development of a new design.

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