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LED Light Fixture

Concept of a wall mounted lamp. It makes use of the special properties of LED -its small depth- since no other light emitting technology would be suitable to be mounted on a ring. This Ring has one axis, which is assembled to the two rails. Thereby it can be rotated freely at 360° and be […]

Salt/Pepper Grinder

[custom_frame_center][/custom_frame_center] This salt/pepper grinder is a formal citation of the famous “Moka Express” by Bialetti. The upper and the lower octagonal shaped parts are those, which are held and turned. This shape adds functionality, since it is not just a cylindrical shape which would be hard to handle if your fingers are oily or fatty. […]

The Design Process

The steps taken in designing a new product are usually as follows: Analysis of market, target group and their specific requirements on the future product. The application field is thoroughly studied and possible weaknesses of previous product generations examined. Idea generation and conceptualization:This is the really creative step of the process, where groundbreaking innovations are […]