Rhino 3D CAD Service

Design of CAD-Models using Rhinoceros 3D

Rhino3D provides a rich toolkit for the design of CAD-Models. After a relatively short learning period, even beginners are able to produce usable 3D-Models given they are not overly complex or require perfect surface quality.

On the other hand, for the creation of production-ready 3D-models, more profound knowledge about geometrical and technical basics of surface generation is necessary. These are for instance surface degrees, span count, continuities and tolerances. Jaeger.ID is using Rhino 3D for more than 10 years as the main CAD software and knows how to do things properly and the tricks of the trade in generating perfect 3D models. Mainly, Rhino is used for the realization of own designs, but Jaeger.ID is offering the this service to clients that want to benefit from our experience and proficiency.

For the creation of very organic surfaces and models the T-Splines-Plugin is used. It enables us to create shapes, that otherwise -using the classical approach of spline patches- could be achieved much slower and with more effort.

If you are interested in that service, get in touch and we can talk about your Rhino issues without any obligation.
Please also have a look at more finished projects that had been modeled using Rhino3D.